Submitting Samples for Mass Spectrometry

Request Form (.pdf)(.docx)

1. Place your sample in a glass 1-dram vial with a PTFE-lined cap. If your sample is a NMR solution (D2O, CDCL3, or CCL4), put an aliquot (~20-50 µL) in a glass 1-dram vial with a PTFE-lined cap, and note that it is a NMR solution on the Request Form and on the vial label. If your sample is in a glass capillary (melting point tube) cut the capillary so that it fits inside a 1-dram vial with a PFTE-lined cap.

2. Fill out one Mass Spectrometry Request Form for each sample.  Please use a black pen.

3. Enter the next log number from the logbook on the Request Form.

4. Enter your name, your lab director's name, the ionization method requested, and the date in the logbook.

5. Tape your sample vial to the bottom of the Request Form, and place the Form in the refrigerator.

6. The mass spectrum and your remaining sample will be placed on the table in the hall outside of Room 2142 as soon as it has been run.

See Notes for more information.